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Choosing the Right Sleep System

Healthy Sleep Systems, relieve pressure points while you sleep There are a lot of manufacturer's trying to get into the "green" market by offering what appears to be natural. Since "all natural" costs more, some use blends of natural and synthetic and try to make it sound natural. You might find a mattress that has a plant based poly core, and is touted to be better for the environment, but the reality is, there is a bit of plant base with a lot of polyurethane made from petrochemicals. Just be sure to check the label. It must list what percent natural and what percent polyurethane is used. It costs less because the materials are synthetic, not natural.

Do you have problems with pressure points? We have the "all natural solution" for you. If you have pressure point problems, a softer natural latex mattress may be better or go with a firm base with a soft top. You can also accomplish pressure point relief by adding extra cushioning to your mattress, like a soft all natural latex layer, or our 2 or 3" wool toppers.

What type of Sleeper are you? Back, Side or Stomach? Back and stomach sleepers generally are more comfortable on a flatter and harder mattress. Side sleeper requires a little softer mattress to allow the hips and shoulders to sink in, allowing the mattress to support the side and therefore keeping the spine straight.