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Just Living's mission is to provide U.S. made or Fair Trade, organic and sustainable home products and clothing to support a clean environment. See more in our "About Us" section.

Just Living started off as a retail store so we know how important excellent customer service is. Feel free to call us at 707-823-4499 or email If you call and get an answering machine, rest assured we will return your call promptly.

We offer the finest organic and sustainable textiles. Our bedding is made with organic cotton, organic wool and all natural latex. All materials are grown and processed naturally and not treated with formaldehyde or chemical fire retardants. Our bedding won't compromise your immune system while you sleep. This is important because while we sleep, our bodies regenerate from the impact of all the toxins that we breath in and ingest daily. So give your immune system and the environment a break! Enjoy the high quality products from Just Living that will last you a lot longer and will help preserve the future for generations to come.

We make a conscious effort to source U.S.A. made products by fair wage workers. The select imported products we sell are all Fair Trade. We are called Just Living for a reason, we make it our business to support environmental and social justice in the best way possible.

Organic isn't just for food; conventional textiles are among the worst polluters on the planet. The reality is that conventional textiles represent toxic polluting at the highest level. With conventional cotton, it starts with the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides used in the fields where the cotton is grown. Cotton is the second highest intensively sprayed crop of all agriculture worldwide. Chemicals are used to process conventional cotton, in milling preparation and in the dyes used. Many of these chemicals are petroleum based, containing heavy metals and numerous carcinogenic elements, which do not bio-degrade. They leech into the water table, rivers, lakes and oceans, contaminating them and everything else, including humans, and will linger for centuries to come.

So, if you'd like to further your efforts in supporting organic and environmentally sustainable products beyond food, you've come to the right place!

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