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About Us

We support organic, US made, Fair trade, Eco Home and Clothing.

Just Living's philosophy grew from our own experiences which made us very conscious of our personal consumption. We felt it was important to provide these alternative options to others. We sought out products that had as little impact on the environment as possible and only work with companies who support an economy that includes fair treatment of employees, good working conditions, fair labor practices and a living wage. We like to think we vote with our dollars, so we encourage you to purchase environmentally sustainable products that will improve the health of the planet and the farmers that grow the crops. These choices will improve your health and well being too.

On our site you'll find U.S. made, sustainably harvested oak, maple, cherry and walnut bed frames and furniture. Organic bedding including toppers, comforters, sheets and pillows. Our eco home products include bath and kitchen towels, table linens, baby products, recycled glassware, wooden eco kitchen products, organic cotton clothing and more.

Our main intention from day one was to promote truly organic, sustainable and environmentally sound home products and clothing. We are happy we've been able to provide healthy alternatives to conventional synthetic textiles and bedding all of these years, before it became popular to be "green", before "green" went mainstream!

Mainstream "greenwashing" has become so much more prevalent. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on so called "green" products. Similar to "whitewashing" in politics, "greenwashing" is when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” than they really are. More money is spent on advertising and marketing these claims, than is spent on improving they're own business practices that would actually minimize their impact on the environment.