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FAQ or frequently asked questions and information on our products.

Why is organic and natural bedding/mattresses better for me?

Our sheets, pillows, comforters, toppers, mattresses etc. will rejuvenate your immune system, not compromise it as some conventional products do with off-gassing toxins while you sleep. While we sleep, our bodies regenerate from the impact of all the toxins that we breath in and ingest daily.

Our bedding and clothing is made of organic materials that are grown and processed naturally without chemicals or additives such as pesticides, formaldehyde or chemical fire retardants. Some clothing has 5% spandex, not latex, added for stretch and durability. Socks may have spandex, nylon and coolmax
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Why shop with Just Living?

Those who used to shop our store know the great customer service and knowledge we provided to our walk-in customers about our organic mattresses. Always Fair Trade or U.S. Fair Wage products. We invite everyone to contact us for the best information available on organic and 100% natural latex mattresses. The popularity of natural latex mattresses is growing fast! The conventional mattress retailers are jumping on board and selling a lot of synthetic blends and saying they're natural. So take advantage of our 12 years experience in the natural mattress industry to help you determine the mattress that's best for you!

On our site, we offer Savvy Rest, Natura's Organic Collection, Natural Sense and Land and Sky. All quality mattress and bedding manufacturers, with their own unique characteristics for building superior mattresses. They also provide great customer support! The many different configurations offered will surely suit your comfort requirements!

All of our organic mattresses and bedding are made of the purest, most natural fibers, using organic cotton, organic or eco wool and all natural latex (no synthetic petrochemical blends at all!) Wool is a natural fire retardant so there are no chemicals used in our organic mattresses.

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What if I don't like my mattress?

Savvy Rest and Just Living work together to determine your individual requirements, and do a really great job evaluating your preferences. Made with two, 3-inch layers of natural latex, it measures a little less than 7 inches high, three 3-inch layers finish at 10", add a harmony topper for the plushest 14" high mattress. All have quilted organic and organic wool casing, and provide a supremely comfortable feel.

If the first choice isn't working, there are options to rotate your existing layers, or opt for a comfort exchange. It's $95 for a half layer of Full, Queen or King and $190 for a full layer to be shipped to and fro. It's rare to need an exchange, and it's very rare to need more than one exchange to get the ideal comfort you're looking for. The casing is made with a strong brass zipper, so it is easy to open and close when you build your mattress. Wool is quilted into the cover for the natural fire retardant. Spot clean only.
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1. Why is it healthier to sleep on an all natural and organic mattress?

This is important because while we sleep, our bodies regenerate from the impact of all the toxins that we breath in and ingest daily. All our materials are grown and processed naturally without chemicals or additives such as pesticides, formaldehyde or chemical fire retardants. All of our products including clothing, towels and furniture, contain environmentally sustainable materials which promote a healthier environment and better health for everyone. So give your immune system and the environment a break! Enjoy the high quality products from Just Living that will last a lot longer and help to preserve the future for generations to come.

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What is 100% all natural latex?

Our 100% natural latex is tapped from a rubber tree much like maple syrup, blended primarily with water, then baked. Natural latex is extremely comfortable and supportive while relieving pressure points! Beneficial for those with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Additional benefits are that latex is resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. Latex is also a great alternative for those with concerns of Electro Magnetic Fields as they have no metal innersprings.

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2. How can your mattresses be chemical free, without fire retardants for mattresses required by California law?

Wool is used in the majority of our mattresses and bedding. It's processed naturally without chemicals or additives such as pesticides, formaldehyde or chemical fire retardants. Wool is quilted into the covers of the mattresses, this ensures they will pass the CA burn test and meets all industry standards as well or better than chemical fire retardants.
One of our mattresses uses graphite particles instead of wool for the natural fire retardant.
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3. What is the difference between down and wool?

Wool is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth, responding to your body temperature by not overheating, as down tends to do. Down does not handle moisture well, losing its insulating properties, clumping and separating as it collects moisture.

Wool is a perfect insulator Ė worn in many areas of the world to keep warm, yet the Bedouins of the Sahara wear wool because it keeps them cool.

Dust mites love down because they thrive in dark damp places. Wool does not provide the damp medium for them to thrive

Wool is a bit weightier than down and will not slip around on the bed. Our pads and comforter are constructed of full size layers of batting, hand tufted and/or machine sewn into position so it will not bunch or separate leaving cold spots.

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4. What type of sheets are best for me? Percale, Sateen, Flannel or Jersey?

Percale is a soft, crisp fabric thatís great for warm sleepers as it feels cool against the skin. Itís known to wrinkle a bit more than the other fabrics, but those that love percale love that aspect of its personality. Percale is a closely woven, medium-weight, plain-weave cotton fabric. It is smooth and firm, with no gloss. Crisp fabric, great for warm nights and hot sleepers.

Sateen - A slightly shiny and very soft fabric that is often described as buttery because of itís smooth feel. Sateen holds bold colors well while maintaining its softness and is known to resist wrinkling, so itís easy to care for. Sateen is a weave in which many threads are aligned tightly together in the vertical direction, creating a flat, smooth, shiny and very soft surface on one side of the fabric and a slightly matte one on the other. We love sateen for its ability to hold brilliant and beautiful colors while resisting wrinkling.

Jersey - Think of your favorite TĖshirtĖslightly stretchy, soft and easy to care forĖthatís Jersey. Itís a knit fabric, which is why it is able to stretch and why it drapes so effortlessly. Jersey is easy to manufacture, so itís one of our lowest priced fabrics.

Flannel - Our flannel is double brushed, so the fine hairs of the cotton are whisked up into a soft fuzzy layer surrounding the fabric. This makes flannel the warmest, softest and coziest fabric. Itís great for cold nights or when you want to sleep with just a sheet that has enough weight and warmth to keep you snuggled in. Flannel is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric typically made from cotton.

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5. How do I care for your wool bedding products?

Natural fibers truly benefit from sunning and airing. Borrowed from the Europeans, we recommend monthly airing for all of our products. You can spot clean the cotton or the wool, but you cannot submerge either fiber in water. A mixture of three parts water and one part distilled white vinegar misted on the products before airing will neutralize odors.

Bedding may be professionally cleaned by an upholstery method using a wet-cleaning non-dip method. Avoid traditional dry-cleaned.

All of these fine quality products, if properly cared for, will last you many years. The more you sun and air, the more the wool loft will be lifted. Wool is a hollow fiber and doesn't absorb moisture, so moisture sits on top of the fiber and evaporates readily. Spot cleaning is all it will ever need because wool does not harbor mold, mildew or dust mites, so the spot cleaning is mainly for the organic cotton cover.

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6. What is green cotton and is your cotton organic or green?

Green cotton is unbleached and un-dyed but not grown under certified organic standards so it still uses 25% of the world's herbicides and heavily intensive pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In our product line, we use only organic cotton fibers in our products.

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